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Model CTS

Cap Torque Tester

From 1N.m to 20N.m

Model DFS

Digital Force Gauge

From 5N to 1000N

Model DFS

High Capacity

From 2000N to 5000N

Model MTS1

Manual Hand Wheel Test Stand

Capacity upto 500N

Model MTS2

Manual Hand Press Test Stand

Capacity upto 500N

Model SMD1000

Motorized Test Stand

Speed 5-1000 mm/sec. 1000N Max Load

Model DTT

Premium Torque Tester

From 0.5N.m to 50N.m

Model DTS

Affordable Torque Tester

From 0.5N.m to 10 N.m

Model DTS

High Capacity Torque Tester

From 20N.m to 1000 N.m

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